Becoming an official member of Texas Running Club is easy. Just follow these steps:

First, make sure to join our TRC Weekly Email list by following the link, filling out the appropriate information and clicking subscribe. This is the best way to stay up to date with all our events. Join our Facebook group to connect with the team.

To Become an Official Member:

  1. Get your dues money. We accept cash, check, or card
    • $40 for the recreational semester
    • $60 for the recreational year
    • $90 for the competitive year
    • *if you pay by check:
      • Write your UTEID by your name on the top left
      • Checks must be made out to: The University of Texas at Austin
      • Memo line: Texas Running Club
  2. Fill out your membership packet.
    • If Hornslink tells you you don’t have permission, just log off and try again.
    • If you have medical insurance, provide it. If not then that’s okay.
    • If you have a car, make sure to apply to be an authorized driver (this makes it easier later in the year for everyone)
  3. Finally turn in your money. Pay online here or to an officer, preferably the Treasurer.
  4. Enjoy being an official Texas Running Club Runner!

Complimentary TRC Membership t-shirt when you become a registered/paid member.  Be sure to contact the President to pick yours up!