Tuesday, May 18


Katherine Deegan

Hello runners! My name is Katherine Deegan and I am the President of TRC for the 2020-2021 school year. I’m a Senior Mechanical Engineering major originally from McKinney, Texas. Although I never ran competitively growing up, distance running has always been one of my favorite pastimes. I ran my first two half marathons my senior year of high school and went on to join Running Club my Freshman year. Beside running, I love to do basically anything outdoors, cook (& eat), paint, and pretend I have musical talent while “singing” in the car. Running club has been such a great community for me, and it is where I have met my best friends at UT! I am looking forward to getting to know the new members and can’t wait for another fantastic year!

Daniel Fonseka
Vice President

Hey I’m Daniel and I’m excited to be the Vice President for Texas Running Club this year. I’m a Senior from Houston studying Computational Engineering. I joined running club at the beginning of my freshman year and have loved running with and getting to know a ton of awesome people. Besides running, I’m involved with the Longhorn Rocketry Association, the Texas Spacecraft Lab, and the Tejas Club, and I like to hike, play the violin and practice my other secret skills (like tap dancing, shhh). My goal this year is to get to know every one of y’all and help to foster the sense of community that makes TRC so awesome. 

Will Easterby

My name is Will Easterby and I’m the treasurer for the ‘20-’21 school year. I am a senior in computer engineering from Houston, TX. I've enjoyed running my entire life, but I really got into it in high school when I started running cross country and long distance track. Distance running is definitely my forte. I’ve done C2C, TIR, and NIRCA as well as run plenty of half and a few full marathons. My goal this year is to get a Boston qualifying time at the Houston marathon this September. Outside of running, I enjoy anything outdoors and spending time with my friends. I’m looking forward to another year with TRC and getting to run with both old and new friends!

Ben Gitzinger

Hey guys! My name is Ben Gitzinger and I'm going to be your secretary this year. I'm a junior mechanical engineering student from Allen, TX, and I've run cross country and track my whole life. I've run the 200m, half marathons, and everything in between. TRC’s awesome supportive environment pushes me to stay active and healthy, and now I'm a better runner than ever. My goal is to ensure everyone gets a chance to experience that same encouragement and energy that has made me fall in love with TRC. While we're always looking to recruit new runners, we're more importantly trying to make new friends. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever want to play some music, go camping, play frisbee, or just hang out and talk. Hopefully TRC  will offer you a chance to find your place at UT, both on and off the road. Get ready for an awesome time this year, and I hope to see y'all at Greg!

Benjamin Popokh
Volunteer Chair

Howdy! My name is Benjamin Popokh, and I am the Volunteer Chair this year. I'm a junior studying Biology & Neuroscience, and I’m originally from Plano, TX. I ran track for part of high school, but I’ve been running on my own since middle school. Although I mainly ran shorter distances growing up, I’ve begun to get more involved in long-distance running through college. The farthest distance I’ve raced is a half-marathon, and I’m looking to do my first marathon before the end of the school year. Besides running, I love to read, play volleyball, and spend time on the lake. TRC has been a welcoming and fun college community for me, and I can’t wait to meet and run with some new faces this year!

Brittany Phillips-Garcia
Social Chair

Hey y’all my name is Brittany Phillips and I’m your Social Chair for the 2020-2021 school year. I’m a senior studying Biology from Cedar Park, Texas. I ran cross country and track all through high school and am so happy to have kept it up in college through TRC. I’ve done a couple halfs, 2 C2Cs, 2 TIRs, and a full so far, and I’m hoping to do another full this upcoming summer. I’m a big outdoorsy gal, love ALL the intramurals (even the ones I’m awful at - looking at u basketball), and thrive on getting people together to have a good time. We may have some extra challenges in group activities this year, but fear not! You’ll still see way too much of me 🙂

Olivia Barboza
Media Coordinator

Hi friends! My name is Olivia and I'm SO excited to be Media Coordinator for TRC this year! Don't get freaked out if you catch me taking sneaky pictures of you -- it's all part of the job. I'm a junior from Houston studying Biochemistry and Science Communications. I joined TRC the first day of my freshman year not knowing anyone, and now I have some of the greatest friends in the world! I love anything outdoorsy, but I'm always down for reading and coffee shop hopping. I'm also heavily involved in community service, the Natural Sciences Council, and the Polymathic Scholars program. My goal this year is to make TRC feel like a home for everyone who joins!

Collin Wills
Running Captain

My name is Collin, and I am a junior studying architectural engineering. I started running when I was in elementary school and I never slowed down. I’ve ran half and full marathons and countless 5ks, but my favorite thing that I’ve done has been joining Texas Running Club. I’ll be training for another marathon soon and someday hope to do all six world majors and maybe a 100 miler. But until then I’ll see you outside of Gregory gym.

Aleyx Steffens
Running Captain

Hey my name is Aleyx! I'm currently a 4th year student who studies a lot of things, but mostly my major in Human Development and Family Sciences. I have been running since middle school cross country and have loved it ever since. I was never really fast for myself until I got into college though where I fell in love with the half marathon/marathon distances. TRC is my home in Austin and I am so excited to be a running captain for the club this year. I am looking forward to another eventful year in the club with both old and new faces!

Chasen Zimmer
Running Captain

I’m a sophomore in Aerospace engineering from McKinney Tx. I’ve been running since sophomore year of high school after not making the soccer team. As of now I’ve run one marathon and one half marathon but prefer to run shorter, faster races. Fun Fact: In high school I performed the Napoleon Dynamite dance at the talent show.

Ethan Epstein
Track Coach

I’m Ethan, I’m a senior BME, and I’m proud to be one of your track coaches this year. Growing up, running wasn’t my first choice sport, but gymnastics, soccer, basketball, figure skating, Kung Fu, and fencing all weren’t quite right for me. In fourth grade I decided I couldn’t go wrong with “right foot, left foot” and I’ve been running ever since. I’m glad I stuck with it, because my running buddies have been some of my best friends ever since. You can catch me at TIR and C2C, and down at the track every Tuesday. My main event in high school was the 800, but I’ve trained in everything from sprints to distance. I’m excited for a great year of track-I promise It’ll be (even) more fun than in high school!

Anna Norman
Track Coach

Hey I’m Anna and I’m super excited to be your distance coach! I’m currently a senior computer science major from San Antonio, TX. The one thing you should know about me is that I. Love. Running. I ran competitively in middle school, high school, and collegiately, and now I’ve found a happy place in TRC! My proudest running achievement to date is holding the Boerne Champion Chocolate Milk Mile record (you might even be able to find a video of it online I wouldn’t know). My favorite race is the steeple chase and chances are I’ll pressure you into trying it this year, so watch out! Outside of running my hobbies include making lists, eating cheese, anything matcha flavored, and unicycling. I can’t wait to train with you this year!