Thursday, May 26


Benjamin Gitzinger

Hi runners! I'm a Senior Mechanical Engineering major from Allen, TX, and your president for the 2021-2022 school year. I ran in middle school and high school, but I didn't really begin to enjoy the sport until I joined TRC my Freshman year at UT. Outside of running club, I enjoy playing/writing music, ultimate frisbee, and poetry. My goal for this school year is to run a marathon before I graduate!

Collin Wills
Vice President

Hey, I’m Collin and I'm excited to be the Vice President this year. I'm a senior architectural engineering major from Humble, TX. I started running when I was in elementary school and I never slowed down. I’ve run multiple half and full marathons and countless 5ks, but my favorite thing that I’ve done has been joining Texas Running Club. Besides just running I do enjoy most things outside like tennis, frisbee, and cycling. My main goal for this school year is just to become a better runner every day, but I wouldn’t mind running the Boston Marathon as well. 

Aleyx Steffens

Hey everyone! I'm Aleyx and I'm a super senior (5th yr) human development and family sciences major from McKinney, TX! I grew up running cross country and track throughout middle school and high school. Since then I have been able to run many 5k's/10k's, a handful of half marathons, and two full marathons. Most of my training has been done alongside TRC and I have loved every fun step of the way! Outside of TRC I mostly am working at the other TRC (Texas Running Company). However, in my free time, I like to hike, play tennis, and go swimming. My goal for this school year is to enjoy all the opportunities that UT has to offer me while I'm still here which includes being able to be as active in TRC as I can be.

Ryan Gerety

I'm a sophomore biology major from Keller, TX. In middle and high school, I ran competitively on the cross country and track teams. Since then, I’ve run one marathon—and I plan to do many more. During my unconventional first year at UT, I found a very friendly and supportive community in TRC. Since joining the club, I’ve come to enjoy running more than ever before through exploring the vibrant city of Austin with my newfound friends. This school year, I aim to run more marathons and get closer to my goal of qualifying for Boston. In the process, I want to continue to support fellow TRC members as we have fun and engage in the all-inclusive sport of running!

Travis Aelvoet
Volunteer Chair

I'm a senior Chemical Engineering major from Lacoste, TX. I ran in middle school, sparingly throughout high school, got back into it freshman year with TRC, and have been running ever since. I want to finally run an official half-marathon this year. 

Georgia Barone
Social Chair

Hey y’all, my name is Georgia Barone and I’m your Social Chair for the 2021-2022 school year. I'm a senior Biochemistry major from Lyons, Colorado. I love to bike, hike, climb, camp, basically, anything that allows me to explore & be outside. I am also involved with research in the chemistry department at UT. My goal for the school year is to run the Austin half & do some triathlons! 

Ashley Dove
Media Coordinator

HEY EVERYONE!! My name is Ashley Dove and I'm SO excited to be Media Coordinator for TRC this year! I'm a sophomore math major from Grapevine, TX. I have always loved running and grew up following my dad around the block as he "ran" and I waddled behind. I ran competitively in high school but didn't continue in college. I still loved running so I decided I wanted to work out and run with awesome people and found myself at TRC! Outside of running I love reading, rainbow loom-ing, drinking slurpees, and hanging out with my friends! I would love to run a half marathon (iffy on if I'll commit to that though) and get more consistent about my running schedule. 

Hana Bredstein
Running Captain

My name is Hana, and I am a junior studying international relations from Derry, New Hampshire. I ran track and XC through most of high school and completed two half-marathons and one full. I've been running with TRC since freshman year and have run C2C and TIR once each. Outside of TRC, I am an officer with Students for Central and Eastern Europe. In my spare time, I love building puzzles. My goal for the 2021-2022 school year is to get faster in the mile and 5k. 

Julia Ho
Running Captain

Hey, my name is Julia! I'm a senior civil engineering major from Albuquerque, NM. I ran on my own in high school but mostly did other sports. Then I joined TRC freshman year and have been here ever since. My roommate and I constructed a garden bed and have a pretty solid amount of plants. Unfortunately, none of them are in the garden bed because we put it in near-total shade. Instead, they are all in drawer bins placed randomly throughout the front yard. My goal for this school year is to run the BCS marathon in College Station and then the Austin Marathon! 

Jake Koneval
Running Captain

I'm a junior mechanical engineering major from Pound Ridge, NY! I've been running since freshman year of high school and have been in running club since freshman year of college. Most of my running accomplishments have been last-minute decisions. Outside of running club, I enjoy biking!, playing guitar/ writing music, traveling and hiking, and making my friends laugh. My goal for the year is run, run a lot, and have fun doing it + run my first marathon.

Taylor Smith
Track Coach

I'm a senior environmental engineering major from Castroville, TX. I've been running summer track since I was like 6, pole-vaulted throughout middle and high school, and started running distance freshman year of college.  My goals for this year are to podium at NIRCA half marathon and organize a race for TRC.

Nathaniel Gregory
Track Coach

Hey! I'm Nathaniel and I'm from Bastrop, Texas (just moved from Round Rock). I'm a sophomore environmental science major. I ran XC and track since 7th grade, four half marathons, ran high school division 1 4x400m at the Texas Relays 2018 and 2019. My running goal for the 2021-2022 school year is to break 5o seconds in the 400m, run at least one half marathon every year of my life, and break an IM track meet record!