Liz Moczygemba
Hey all you runners! I’m Liz Moczygemba and president of Texas Running Club for the 2019-2020 school year. I’m a senior MPA major from a small town no one knows about called La Vernia, Texas. Prior to college, I ran cross country and track throughout high school, but I thought anything over 3 miles was waaaay too long. Since then, I joined TRC my freshman year at UT and have found a new love for distance running and my best friends at UT! So far, I’ve finished my first half marathon and will run my first marathon very soon. . . slightly terrified, but how bad can 26.2 miles be right? Outside of running, I obsess over the book series Outlander, jam to most Broadway soundtracks, and eat excessive amounts of pasta. I’m excited to get to know some new faces this year, so break out those new running shoes and come say hi!
Hannah Van Egmond
Vice President
Hey y’all I’m Hannah and I will be your TRC Vice President this year! I am a Senior studying Supply Chain Management from Houston, Texas. TRC was the first club I joined in college and I’ve been hooked ever since! I ran cross country and track in high school AKA the glory days. Since joining TRC, I’ve run four long-distance relays, two half marathons, and will be running my first FULL marathon in the summer of 2019! I’m super excited for this year with you guys and look forward to meeting all the new runners 🙂
Daniel Fonseka
Hey I’m Daniel and I’m excited to be the Treasurer for Texas Running Club this year. I’m a Junior from Houston studying Computational Engineering. I joined running club at the beginning of my freshman year and have loved running with and getting to know a ton of awesome people. Besides running, I’m involved with the Longhorn Rocketry Association, the Texas Spacecraft Lab, and the Tejas Club, and I like to hike, play the violin and practice my other secret skills (like tap dancing, shhh). My goal this year is to get to know every one of y’all and help to foster the sense of community that makes TRC so awesome. 
Will Easterby
My name is Will Easterby and I am the secretary for the 2019-2020 school year. I am a junior in computer engineering from Houston, TX. I've enjoyed running my entire life, but I really got into it in high school when I started running cross country and long distance track. Distance running is definitely my forte. I’ve done C2C, TIR, and NIRCA with the club, as well as running plenty half marathons and a few full marathons. My goal for this year is to get a Boston qualifying time at the Big Cottonwood marathon in Utah this September. Outside of running, I enjoy hiking, or really just anything outdoors, as well as spending time with my friends. I’m looking forward to another year with the club and getting to run with both old and new friends!
Katherine Deegan
Volunteer Chair
My name is Katherine Deegan and I am the Volunteer Chair for the 2019-2020 school year. I’m a Junior studying Mechanical Engineering from McKinney, Texas. Although I never ran for my school growing up, distance running has always been one of my favorite pastimes. I ran my first 2 half marathons my senior year of high school and went on to join TRC my Freshman year and have have since participated in C2C and TIR with the club. Beside running, I love to do basically anything outdoors, cook (& eat), paint, & avoid studying by trip-planning. Running club has been such a great community for me and I have met so many awesome people. I can’t wait for another fantastic year!
Brittany Phillips-Garcia
Social Chair
Hey y'all my name is Brittany Phillips and I'm your social chair for this year! I'm a junior studying biology from Cedar Park, Texas. I ran cross country and track all through high school and am excited to further my running career. I'm hoping to do some fun 13.1s this year and my goal is to do my first marathon! I love anything outdoors so I'm always up for a hike, bike ride, climb, or frisbee. I have so many things planned for this semester, so get ready to see way too much of me. 
Kieran Smith
Hello, my name is Kieran! I’m a senior studying Aerospace Engineering/Creative Writing, and I’m going to be coordinating all the media this year. I was a swimmer for the first 18 years of my life until I realized how cool runners were. So 2 years ago I started running for reals, and back in April I ran my first marathon. It was hard. I have since fallen in love with trail running and seeing how far I can go on my feet. I will also always say yes to a camping trip or a midnight frisbee game. If any of those things sound fun to you, hit me up. My goals for the year are to take as many pictures of everyone as possible and to celebrate your achievements, so go and achieve things.
Mace Galliete
Running Captain
My name is Mace Galliete, and I am one of the three running captains. I am a 4th year MPA major from Presidio, Texas. I started running in 7th grade and, despite a couple breaks, I haven't really stopped since. I've ran two half marathons and too many 5ks. This upcoming school year I want to run a marathon and my first official 10k. Besides running, I enjoy PCMR and swing trading. I am excited for another year with TRC and I am ready for C2C and TIR!
Caroline Frenzel
Running Captain
I only run because I'm bad at every other sport. 6 years after figuring that out and I am still doing the thing that requires no coordination! I'm a sophomore Marketing major from The Woodlands, TX. I ran xc and track in high school but I am mainly focused on long distance now. I've run 3 marathons, 2 half marathons, C2C, TIR and planning on running Boston in 2020. I'm super pumped about being one of the running captains this year! Come talk to me about anything running related and we'll be instant best friends.
Ben Gitzinger
Running Captain
Hey guys! My name is Ben Gitzinger and I'm going to be one of the running captains for this coming year. I'm a sophomore mechanical engineering student from Allen, Texas (who also likes to play and write a little music on the side). I've run cross country and track since middle school, participating in events like the 200m, the 3000m steeplechase, and everything in between. Joining TRC pushed me to focus on staying active and healthy, and because of the awesome supportive environment, I'm a better runner than ever before. My goal is to ensure everyone gets a chance to experience that same encouragement and energy that has made me fall in love with Running Club. Get ready for an awesome time, I hope to see y'all at Greg!
Ethan Epstein
Track Coach
I’m Ethan, I’m a junior BME, and I’m proud to be one of your track coaches this year. Growing up, running wasn’t my first choice sport, but gymnastics, soccer, basketball, figure skating, Kung Fu, and fencing all weren’t quite right for me. In fourth grade I decided I couldn’t go wrong with “right foot, left foot” and I’ve been running ever since. I’m glad I stuck with it, because my running buddies have been some of my best friends ever since. You can catch me at TIR and C2C, and down at the track every Tuesday. My main event in high school was the 800, but I’ve trained in everything from sprints to distance. I’m excited for a great year of track-I promise It’ll be (even) more fun than in high school!
Anna Norman
Track Coach
Hey I’m Anna and I’m super excited to be your distance coach! I’m currently a junior computer science major from San Antonio, TX. The one thing you should know about me is that I. Love. Running. I ran competitively in middle school, high school, and collegiately, and now I’ve found a happy place in TRC! My proudest running achievement to date is holding the Boerne Champion Chocolate Milk Mile record (you might even be able to find a video of it online I wouldn’t know). My favorite race is the steeple chase and chances are I’ll pressure you into trying it this year, so watch out! Outside of running my hobbies include making lists, eating cheese, anything matcha flavored, and unicycling. I can’t wait to train with you this year!