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Madeleine Buxton
I am a senior Mechanical Engineering major originally from Richmond, TX. I started running competitively in middle school after dabbling in some small road races and being sort of good at them. Before college I mainly focused on ballet then realized I wasn’t good enough to dance professionally, sorry Misty Copeland. I recently ran my first marathon in Austin and qualified for the Boston Marathon 2017. My running goals are to break 3:25 marathon time (eventually...) and run a marathon with my brother. I started with Texas Running Club my freshman year and was so excited about the family atmosphere they provided for me! I hope to continue this environment and encourage everyone to try to make TRC the home I found in the wonderful members!
Ryan Camarillo
Vice President
My name is Ryan Camarillo. I am the Vice President of the Texas Running club and a senior Economics major. I call San Antonio home and went to Alamo Heights High School where my running career all began. I was a 3-year varsity runner there in XC and track. After high school I ran one year for UT Tyler’s XC/Track and Field team. My goals this year to be an All-American at NIRCA Nationals in both XC and Track, I am also wanting to run my first marathon this year and hopefully Boston qualify for 2018, debuting in either Houston or Austin. We’ll see how this goes, I’m a track guy who’s used to running only 4 laps around a track and now I have to try running 26 miles and change. Woof. Other than running other fun stuff about me is that, I’m always down for a pick up game of ultimate and if you want to get on my good side, talk to me about my cats. You’ll learn quickly they’re my favorite animals.
Liz Moczygemba
I’m Liz Moczygemba, and I’m your treasurer for the 2017-2018 school year! I’m a sophomore Accounting major from a small town nobody ever knows about called La Vernia, TX. Before hitting the 40 acres, I got into running in high school. While there, I ran varsity cross country and track as I didn’t have the hand-eye coordination necessary for any other sport. I’ve yet to tackle a half marathon, but I’m up for the challenge. So, if you want to keep me company for 13.1 miles, let me know! Outside of running, I religiously watch the old show Survivor (if you don’t remember it, you’re missing out), and I’ll jam with you to practically any country song on the radio since I know almost all of them.
James Burden
I once quit soccer because I thought it was too much running, and I was the goalie! Somehow, 4 years later I picked up distance running and haven't stopped since. I'm a third year biomedical engineering major at UT who's trying to get into medical school (lol @ me), and I've been with TRC since day 1 of college. After running track and cross country in high school, I've run 3 half marathons, 1 full marathon, 1 Capital to Coast Relay, and 2 Texas Independence Relays. My goal for this year is to qualify for Boston, and my favorite pass time is trying to ignore all the work I need to do for school.
Alex Dantzler
Volunteer Chair
My name is Alex Dantzler, and I am a junior in chemical engineering from Houston, TX. I will be your volunteer chair for the coming year. I ran cross country and track at Cy-Ridge high school for four years, but now I have laid back the pace and focused on the more important aspects of running-- community and camaraderie. In order to build our community and strengthen our camaraderie, we will get the chance to volunteer our time and (boundless) energy to a variety of service events throughout the year. Please, come out and help us support all of those around us that need a helping hand. Whether it's providing food to a family in need or it's cheering on your friend through a grueling 7 mile run they swore to never do, YOU can be a catalyst for good with running club.
Rachel Escobedo
Social Chair
I’m Rachel Escobedo, I am the Running Club social chair for 2017-2018. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. I am going into my senior year, majoring in Economics. I have been running 5ks and 10ks since middle school but never really been competitive, just running for exercise and funsies. One of my goals is to run my first half marathon...maybe full marathon.."I mean I could, but why would I want to"-Selena Gomez. I love cats and swimming, I like to think I’m good at tennis, soccer, and volleyball, and did I mention I love cats?
Lydia Brough
Recruiting Officer
I’m a recruiter for the Texas Running Club and a Mechanical Engineering graduate student specializing in Biomechanics. I competed on Penn State’s club team during undergrad, and my favorite pastime is telling everyone in Texas how great that was. (#NIRCAchamps #GOAT). My main goal is to finish my PhD quickly enough to avoid holding the record for longest active member of running club. I’d also like to run a marathon under 3:20 and improve my half marathon time. When I’m not running, you can find me eating ice cream by the half gallon, attempting to do triathlons without drowning, and using intense recruiting tactics to get freshmen to join TRC. Stop by practice to run with the best club west of the Mississippi!
Raymond Lehmer
Recruiting Officer
I'm Raymond Lehmer.
Kyle Polansky
I'm Kyle Polansky, one of the many Kyle's in Texas Running Club. My running career started back in 3rd grade when I decided to pick up running pretty casually. I become pretty competitive while in high school running for Southlake Carroll. These days I enjoy running off stress, enjoying the scenery, and having great conversations during runs with teammates and friends. When I'm not running, you can probably find me coding or riding my bike.
Hannah VanEgmond
Running Captain
Hey my name is Hannah VanEgmond and I'm one of the three running captains for the 2017-2018 school year. I'm a second year Business major from Friendswood, Texas. I started running cross country in 7th grade and ran competitively for my high school all four years. I joined the track team my sophomore year of high school but let's be real, running fast is hard so that didn't work out. I am always down to run 5ks or 10ks... but most likely just the 5ks. My goal for this year is to complete my first half marathon so prayers plz. Besides running, I enjoy playing guitar, eating fried chicken, and doing all those basic Austin-y things.
Steven Keenan
Running Captain
Hey everyone! I am Steven Keenan and I am one of your three running captains! I love the feeling of being exhausted, beaten, wretched, and worn but there is no better feeling than family. That’s why I love TRC so much! We are all at different levels and have our own goals but we thrive as a community. If you have never run eight miles, it’s pretty difficult just to start doing it on your own but when you have some right next to you the whole way that you know care about you, you might start running marathons! It’s not all about running! I love the mountains, lakes, and forest and I’m always down for a camping trip or splash at the lake. Running is only 40% of what we do, the rest is family.
Analisa Ruiz
Running Captain
I'm Analisa Ruiz.