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Mt. Bonnell #2 - 12.23

Beautiful weather calls for a beautiful long run this Saturday! Note: there are stairs up to Mt Bonnell if anyone wants to take a short break..

3 days ago

Spencer's Scenic St. Ed's

Long run this week!

2 weeks ago

Long run this week: St. Ed’s! http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/924962647

3 weeks ago

Timeline Photos

Texas Running Club Fundraiser! We want to thank all who donated to our club as well as Kind Bars for their generous donation to our running members!

1 month ago

No organized long run tomorrow! Those not doing the fundraiser can run Dam route.

1 month ago

Congrats to the AMR runners today! 5 total Running Club teams: 2nd Overall – Ben Treweek (Captain), Kenny Stice, Kevin Quist, Ajay Nair, Jacob..

1 month ago

Texas Running Club

Tomorrow is now today! Come pick up your shirts from 8am-5pm in CLA 4.302

1 month ago

“PSA: If you are a member and have not picked up your FREE shirt that comes along with signing up, TOMORROW IS LAST DAY YOU’LL BE ABLE TO GET..

1 month ago

USATF - America's Running Routes - Longhorn Dam

This week’s long run is Dam Route (see below) again, meetat 9am in front of Greg. Godspeed!

1 month ago

HornsLink - Sign In Required

Don’t forget to become a member! Remember to fill out ALL information, driver’s license and insurance! Membership link: https://utexas.collegiatelink.net/form/start/102943..

1 month ago