Dues are $40 per recreational semester, $60 per recreational year, or $90 per competitive year.

  • Respect traffic laws
    If the walking sign is red, you do not cross the street. You represent the University, please give it a good name.
  • Don’t touch the bats
    Just don’t, rabies isn’t fun.


  • Compete with our Team
    We know how hard it is to find friends who are interested in doing that one race you are so siked about. When you become a member we organize teams to do races in our club’s name, where you will get to meet new people and a new facebook status update.
  • Race Discounts
    Because we are such a big organization and can always yield large teams, some race organizers can offer us race entry price discounts, making it cheaper to run with us.
  • Store Discounts
    Once a member you can receiver discounts at selected running stores (Check out the Sponsors for Running Attire Stores) , which becomes handy when trying refresh your running attire on a budget.
  • Club T-Shirt
    You also get a free running club t-shirt with your dues payment. It’s a pretty sweet t-shirt that let’s everyone know you run more than them.

If you’re interested, then check out How to Join.