Wednesday, March 29

Month: November 2021

Activity Times Changing

Hey TRC friends! Just want to make a note that because of Daylight's Saving Time our evening runs have moved up to 5:15pm. Our other activities (core and strength and mobility) have moved to 4:45pm. Also, the long runs have changed to 7:00 am on Saturdays! 

Weekend Festivities

It's a big weekend for TRC this upcoming weekend (Nov. 5-7)!! Join us Friday at 6:30pm for a fun trivia night (details on the Facebook page), Saturday morning for PLOGGING (trash clean up while jogging) with the CEC at 9:30 am at the Kingsbury Commons, and on Sunday help volunteer at a water station for the Run for Water race (6-10am). All of this info is also in our handy dandy emails which you can sign up for with this link ;)